Established in April, 2002, Lanzhou Ion Therapy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company, which is a subordinate to Chinese Academy of Sciences Holding Co., Ltd. and Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

There are more than 400 employees, most of whom hold a bachelor's degree or higher; it is one of the few enterprises in China that has the qualifications and capabilities for the design, production, commissioning, operation and maintenance of heavy ion medical machine (ie carbon ion therapy systems); the company has successively passed ISO9001, 13485 quality management system certification, and obtained relevant qualifications such as Class III medical device production and operation license, Class I radiation device radiation safety license and other relevant qualifications.

First-class ion therapy device and service provider! Manufacturing and promoting ion therapy devices with professional and large-scale R&D capabilities; continuously developing innovative products with core competitiveness and independent intellectual property rights to meet market demand; providing whole chain and ecological technical, medical and training services to promote the rapid development of ion therapy in China.

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Base of Heavy Ion Technology Application and Equipment Manufacturing

Our company invested in a production base with RMB 840 million, covering an area of 237 mu (158,000 square meters) and a total construction area of 84,111 square meters, where more than 200 sets of professional manufacturing, testing and inspection devices are provided.

It is used for the production of heavy ion therapy devices and superconducting devices, as well as the miniaturization of R&D, manufacturing, testing and equipment debugging of large medical devices. Furthermore, there are shift dormitory, dining hall, sports venue, multi-function hall and other facilities.

  • Dec.
    The No. 1 treatment room of Wuwei Carbon Ion Therapy System was approved for changing registration.
  • Nov.
    Lanzhou Carbon Ion Therapy System's clinical trial began.
  • Oct.
    The task "R&D of Miniaturized Heavy Ion Therapy Device ", which is the national key R&D plan "Diagnosis and Treatment Equipment and Biomedical Materials" undertaken by Lanith was officially approved.
    Lanzhou Carbon Ion Therapy System completed the registration test and submitted the test report.
  • Sept.
    "The first domestic medical heavy ion accelerator was successfully put into clinical application" was selected as one of the "Ten Major Events in the Application of Nuclear Technology in Recent Years".
  • Aug.
    Won the title of "Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprise".
    Our carbon ion therapy system has passed the special review of innovative medical devices by the State Food and Drug Administration.
    Our party branch was awarded the honorary title of "Party Member Demonstration Post of IMP-CAS".
    Officially released the "CY-SY-01 Carbon Ion Therapy System Manufacturing Specification".
  • Jul.
    Lanith was rated as the "Chairman Unit" of Gansu Heavy Ion Medical Machine Industry Technology Innovation Alliance.
  • Mar.
    The SAP ERP project was officially launched.
  • Dec.
    Signed carbon ion therapy system commissioned production contract in Changchun.
  • Nov.
    Put the newly-built base into use.
  • Oct.
    Held “The First Advanced Seminar on Ion Medical Technology”.
  • Sept.
    Won the “Advanced Party Branch of Standardization in Gansu Province” by Organization Department of CPC Gansu Provincial Committee.
  • Jul.
    The qualification of “Gansu Province Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base” was recognized.
  • Jun.
    Won the title of “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of Gansu Province”.
    Won the “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise Award” of Lanzhou High-tech Zone.
    Signed carbon ion therapy system business contract in Nanjing.
  • May.
    Won the honorary title of "Annual Contract-abiding Credit Enterprise 2020" of Lanzhou High-tech Zone.
  • Mar.
    Won the honorary title of “Excellent Unit of National Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring and Evaluation 2020”.
  • Jan.
    Won the Special Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Gansu Province for the “research of carbon ion therapy and the R&D and industrialization of large tumor therapy device”.
    Won the Annual Contribution Award for “Science and Technology Innovation 2020” by China Technology Entrepreneurship Association.
  • Dec.
    Selected as “Lanzhou Democratic Management Model Unit 2020” by Lanzhou Federation of Trade Unions.
  • Nov.
    Signed carbon ion therapy system business contract in Hangzhou.
  • Sept.
    Obtained the Medical Device Business License.
  • Aug.
    Rated as the “Contract Abiding, Credit Respecting” enterprise in 2019.
  • Jul.
    Signed carbon ion therapy system business contract in Wuhan.
  • Mar.
    Clinically operated the first Carbon ion therapy system-Wuwei demonstration device.
  • Jan.
    “China’s first carbon ion therapy system with independent intellectual property rights approved for market” was awarded the “Certificate of Major Medical Progress in China 2019”.
  • Nov.
    Won the “Gazelle Company Award” of Lanzhou National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone.
  • Sept.
    Obtained the Medical Device Registration Certificate of the People’s Republic of China for Wuwei demonstration device.
    Signed carbon ion therapy system business contract in Putian.
  • Feb.
    Completed clinical trial treatment with Wuwei demonstration device.
  • Nov.
    Clinically operated the first Wuwei demonstration device.
  • Jul.
    Obtained the third party medical device registration test report for Wuwei demonstration device.
  • Lanzhou city industry and information technology bureau as "new scale industrial enterprise".
Medical Device Production License
Medical Device Business License
National Key New Product Certificate
2019 China Medical Major Progress Certificate