ADS-RFQ accelerator cavity

RFQ (Radio Frequency Quadrupole) cavity is the core component of Accelerator Driven sub-critical System (ADS), which is designed with a four - wing structure as the key part of intense-beam proton accelerators. After overcoming all key technologies, the company developed RFQ cavity with excellent quality and advanced technology for ADS project.

Four-wing RFQ
CaFe-RFQ (1)
CaFe-RFQ (2)
Four-bar RFQ
Four-bar RFQ and DTL
DTL high frequency cavity
High precision electromagnet

High precision electromagnet is the product representing our company's characteristic technology, which is mainly used by scientific research institutes and universities at home and abroad for physical experiments and industrial production. Currently, the demand for high precision electromagnets in aerospace, military industry, energy, electric vehicles and other sectors is also increasing, showing a broad social need and market prospect.

φ140 L200, L350 quadrupole magnet
Supplier Appreciation Award -MSU
Fast pulse dipole magnet
Septum magnet
Vacuum cavity

After long-term technology accumulation, the company has mastered the key process of vacuum cavity under ultra-high / high vacuum applications and can design and make the vacuum cavity for different applications.

Beam blocker

The device is designed with the pneumatic drive control mode to block the main beam and protect personal when the beam enters the therapy room abnormally.

ADS-superconducting accelerated niobium cavity

RF superconducting accelerated niobium cavity is an essential part of electron accelerator and ADS for acceleration of high energy and intense particle beam. The Spoke superconducting cavity and ellipsoidal superconducting accelerating cavity which are developed by the company after overcoming a number of key technologies have reliable quality.

Single-cell superconducting niobium cavity
Spoke superconducting test cavity