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  It has been 13 years since the company was founded . During those years, we have been united, realistic and innovative and surely we have made great achievement.  Our company has completed the design, manufacturing, measurement and installation tasks of the stacked pulse electromagnet of high-precision for the Lanzhou HIRFL-cooling storage ring. It has also developed the national leading project –the ADS project, the RFQ accelerator cavity and the SPOKE superconducting cavity.  In addition, our company has supplied a number of electromagnet with various specifications for PSI institute, Switzerland, GSI in Germany and ATBT company in the USA.  We adhere to the principle of market-oriented and take innovation as the motive force, development as objective to develop the product and service which has core-competitiveness and high added value.  By doing so to make our  company become the technical, project and industrialization base of the national big scientific project.
At present, our company is developing HIMMS, the demonstration facilities for WuWei Ronghua heavy ion hospital CO.LTD and Lanzhou heavy-ion Medical Industry Investment Co., Ltd.  As a manufacturing base, relying on the talents, technology and intellectual of the institute of the modern physics(IMP), Chinese Academy of science, our company will produce the Heavy-ion tumor therapy facility in a specialized and large-scale way to strive to be in the leading position in both local and foreign businesses in this field .  By doing so, we will make our company to be the excellent supplier and service provider of the Heavy-ion tumor therapy facility field to meet the demand of the market, bring benefit to the majority patients and boost the development of the heavy-ion tumor therapy.
Hereon, We welcome people from all works of life to visit our company and develop cooperation with us and we will witness a new stage of our company together.

                                                                           Presidentzhang xiaoqi

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