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The manufacturing technology of the four-vane RFQ high-accuracy cavity
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一、The technology background:
  The four-vane RFQ high-accuracy cavity is the key part of the linear accelerator of which the manufacturing quality of the single-vane is the significant part of the accelerator. The manufacturing quality may determine the operational quality of the linear accelerator and it is also the deciding factor of the development of the ADS system.
  ADS is the abbreviation of the accelerator driven sub-critical system. It adopts the spallation reaction of high energy proton of the accelerator and the heavy target nucleus. When the spallation happens, one proton can produce at least ten neutrons. Those neutrons can be used to drive the Sub-critical system to keep the chain reaction . By doing in this way, we can acquire energy and use the additional neutrons to proliferate nuclear material and transmute the nuclear waste .  
二、Development history:
  Before the 90th century BC, some people put forward the idea that using the accelerator to produce nuclear ,proliferate the nuclear materials and transmute the nuclear waste. There are also some people think that we can use reactor to solve those problems.  However, in recent years, the reactor technology is only developed and popular in some developed countries and the technology to use the reactor technology to transmute the nuclear waste is also limited.
三、Application range:
  ADS is put forward at the 90th century BC which makes all the effort come into effect. It is mainly focused on:
  1、To make full use of the spallation of the nuclear resource to make the uranium-238  high - efficiently conversed into the fissile plutonium -239 nuclear and develop the thorium resources.
   2、Under the different ADS neutron field ,it can transmute the long-life nuclear waste into the short-life nuclear waste to reduce the radiation of the reserve volume and poisonousness of the nuclear waste. ADS is basically a clear nuclear energy in the processing of the energy giving.
  3、RFQ is a linear accelerating structure which uses the Radial high frequency electric quadruple field to restrain the low-energy ion beam.  It was put forward by the Russia scientist Kapchinskij and Teplyakov.  In 1980, the first RFQ linear accelerator was made in the LANL lab in America.  From then , it attract the attraction from more and more people and then it was put into fact in many universities and labs. In recent years, it becomes a hot topic in the spallation neutron accelerator and clear nuclear energy and widely used in the field of the industry, medical treatment and national defense.
  4、The RFQ accelerator makes beam matching, ransverse focusing, longitudinal spotlight and acceleration of the charged ion beam into one high-frequency cavity so it is small, compact and do have a good quality.
三、The innovation and the advancement of the technology
  The four-vane RFQ cavity has its innovation and advancement in its technology and it is mainly focused on the followings:(1)The single vane product adopts the imported oxygen free copper material which is difficult to machine because of its bad rigidity and easy distortion .(2)The pole of the single adopts the wavy modulation line and manufactures with the molding knife technology which can ensure that accuracy and uniformity;(3)it adopts the deep drilling technology which solves the problem of the  machining of water cooling deep hole. It ensures the deviation will not big than 0.2mm when the drilling depth reaches 1000mm.(4)It adopts the three coordinates survey technology to do the accurate measurement of the single vane;(5 It adopts the Hydrogen brazing technology to solve the Vacuum seal between oxygen free copper material.(6)Under constant temperature environment, it can ensure the stability of the manufacturing of the single vane.


The picture of the four-vane RFQ


  The four-vane RFQ which is self-developed with independent intellectual property right by the institute of the modern physic, Chinese academy of science and its holding company Lanzhou keji taiji corporation, LTD. has reached or exceeded the technology of some developed countries . The success of it can help us to improve the innovative capacity of our company, promote employment and the development of local economy.

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