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Heavy-ion tumor therapy demonstration device injector-the compact cyclotron is successfully made and reached the design standard of the carbon ion beam of 7MeV/u @10
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¡¡¡¡Heavy-ion tumor therapy demonstration device injector-the compact cyclotron is self-developed with independent intellectuall property right by the Institute of the modern physics, Chinese academy of science and its holding company-Lanzhou kejin taiji Corporation, LTD. The carbon ion beam extracted from the accelerator is 7MeV/u. The beam energy can reach 12 MeV/u and better than the design standard of 10 MeV/u.
¡¡¡¡This accelerator is the first carbon ion cyclotron in the world and the first Heavy-ion compact cyclotron that does not have any magnetic field shimming coil. The successful development of this accelerator is a milestone in the heavy-ion tumor therapy facility.
¡¡¡¡This cyclotron adopts the all permanent magnet ECR ion source which can produce 12C5+  ion beam. Those 12C5+  ion beam can be injected into the cyclotron and after 4 turns of acceleration, the beam energy can reach 7MeV/u.  The installation of this cyclotron was finished in August 2014 and the first beam from this cyclotron is extracted on August 17th 2014. After many times of bugging, the 12C5+ ion beam extracted from outside of this cyclotron can reach 12 MeV/u. At present, we are adjusting it to keep running steadily.
¡¡¡¡In order to reduce cost and easy for commercial use, this cyclotron adopts the compact structure and there is no any magnetic shimming coils. It depends on the high-accuracy 3D magnetic design and deep slot magnet for isochronous magnetic field. Another innovative design of this cyclotron is that it adopts the c shape iron to monitor the gradient magnetic field and use a pair of small coil for the isochronous magnetic field.


 7MeV/u @10 carbon ion beam compact cyclotron



figure2 Accelerator external Faraday cylinder 12C5+  beam energy test

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